Kathy McCue

Owner & Physician

I am a mother, a partner, and an emergency physician.  I came to Alaska via California, North Carolina, and Ohio.  I’ve been a college radio DJ, daily newspaper editor, graphic artist, soccer player, outdoor enthusiast, teacher, volunteer, and adoptive mom to dogs and kids.

Although my background is in Environmental Science and Policy, life took me into medicine, to Haiti, and ultimately to Alaska, where I have lived since 2002. I enjoy my work in the emergency department because it mixes important and sometimes life-saving medical care with the outside world.  It crosses boundaries from the medical world to the real world. It’s science and technology, but it’s also people’s real lives. I get to interact with people from all parts of our state, all socioeconomic levels, police and fire, as well as some of most talented caregivers, technicians, and providers you’ll ever find.

I have come to believe that people thrive where there is a sense of connection to each other and to our place. I hope that the Writer’s Block creates a space for this connection to grow here in Spenard.