Life in the times of COVID-19…

Hello loyal friends, family, and neighbors. What a crazy last few weeks. We are all learning to live life differently and, hopefully, after a few days of getting used to how things are right now, we will learn to bask in the newness of time at home with families and pets, reaching out to each other over the phone and the internet, getting outside in small groups to enjoy this lovely early spring weather.

When you care ready to cut back on your internet news time and preparing your home (this is important but can become all-consuming), we are here for you, but obviously in very different ways than we once were. We’ve still got books and food and encourage you to interact online with the Block community.

BOOKS: Our hours will continue to be everyday except Mondays, 11am to 7pm. Call us at 929-2665(BOOK) for food and book orders. We can deliver books as well as curbside pickup or mail them. You can download audio books.

Our books: We order these once a week and receive shipments via barge Turnaround time is ~7-10days. In-store pickup (curbside if you life), hand delivered, or mailed to you.

Our Bookshop site: These orders are fulfilled by our distributor and are mailed directly to your address (much like Amazon, except $ goes to your local friendly independent bookstore!). Turnaround time is ~2-4 days.

Our audio books: Libro/fm gives your local friendly independent bookstore for each purchase made through above link.

CAFE: Our usual cafe menu is available everyday except Monday 11am to 7pm for take-away. Call 929-2665 and order from our menu. Door Dash coming soon!

EVENTS: By state mandate, no live events for the moment…but we are working with community friends and neighbors to try to get some live-stream entertainment up and running. We want our artists, musicians, and writers to continue to connect with and bring our community together, as they always have in the past. We might need to be physically distant from one another, but we can still gather together from afar. Alaskans have experience in these matters! Watch for details.